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Jeanne Farrington
Peter Honebein

Barbara Martin

Darryl Sink
Paul Swan
Tom Welsh

Dr. Jeanne Farrington, CPT

Dr. Farrington helps organizations to define their strategic approaches to education, learning, career development, and performance improvement. She also designs and facilitates training and performance improvement projects for all types of audiences in a variety of organizations: Fortune 500, small to mid-size businesses, start-ups, government agencies, and the military. She has taught university courses and corporate workshops on many aspects of instructional design and performance improvement. She has worked internally as a training professional and manager at Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and Hewlett-Packard.

Working with senior management as well as with training and performance improvement organizations within companies, Jeanne has written business plans for corporate universities and training organizations, and she has assisted organizations to develop strategies for internal and customer training. At Hewlett-Packard, Jeanne was responsible for the development of their worldwide workforce development community, which included internal professionals and consultants in training, instructional design, human performance technology, quality, and organizational change and development.

Jeanne has over 20 years of experience in developing training programs and creating performance improvement initiatives. During that time, she has contributed to the development of hundreds of projects, either as the lead designer, as part of a team, or as a consultant to others. Over the years she has worked with companies of various sizes, including Actuate, Cadence Design Systems, California State Automobile Association, Cisco, Clarify, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Learning Tree, Levi Straus, McKesson, Oracle, PG&E, PeopleSoft, Proctor & Gamble, Saba Software, Sun Microsystems, Taco Bell, the U.S. Army, and Veritas Software (now Symantec).

Jeanne has not only created a wide variety of programs for a variety of audiences, she has also taught instructional design and performance technology to others. Jeanne has a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State and a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Technology from the University of Southern California. As an adjunct professor at USC she served as Local Advisor for their Human Performance at Work Doctor of Education program and she taught their graduate seminar in Instructional Design.

Jeanne is co-author of From Training to Performance Improvement: Navigating the Transition, and she has contributed chapters and articles to a number of publications. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), and she is a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), where she has been a frequent speaker.

Dr. Peter C. Honebein

Dr. Honebein is a systems analyst, performance technologist, and instructional designer. He has more than 20 years of experience as an independent consultant helping organizations design strategies and tactics for educating employees and customers.

In this time, Pete has provided organizations the know-how, processes, and leadership for designing systems that improve the performance of employees and customers. He designs training programs, performance support systems, and software solutions for clients around the world. He has developed over 40 training programs and designed over 30 software products and solutions. As a social scientist working with engineering teams, he is a contributor to the design of many innovative scientific products, most notably the Applied Biosystems 3700 Genetic Analyzer, the system that sequenced the human genome. Pete also is the author of the book, Strategies for Effective Customer Education, published by the American Marketing Association.

Pete earned his Ph.D. in instructional systems design at Indiana University. He resides in Reno, Nevada.

Pete was involved as a lead Instructional Designer and Project Manager with DSA and Learning Tree, Inc. in the project RealityPlus™: Increasing Value Through Performance-Based Training, which was awarded the ISPI Award Of Excellence for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention.

Dr. Barbara Martin

Dr. Martin was the principal instructional designer at the Florida Solar Energy Center where she was the lead educator in designing the photovoltaic (PV) certification test for the solar industry.  Presently working in the renewable energy (RE) industry field on workforce development, she teaches courses and workshops in instructional design (ISD), criterion-referenced testing (CRT) and assessment.  She consults with RE industry experts in developing task analyses and designing workshops, courses and instructional materials in PV, small wind systems, and solar thermal.

She is a former professor in the College of Education at the University of Central Florida and at Kent State University in educational technology and educational psychology.  Dr. Martin has worked extensively in these fields and specializes in instructional design, criterion-referenced testing, evaluation strategies, distance education, and instructional theory. She has written articles on ISD and educational technology including a book on designing instruction for affective behaviors.

She has worked as an educational consultant with the Florida Solar Energy Center, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the Department of Energy.  She also consults for Darryl Sink and Associates, Inc. presenting workshops in ISD and CRT to a variety of clients.

Dr. Darryl Sink

Dr. Darryl Sink has maintained a standard of excellence as a human performance improvement consultant, specializing in training development solutions through out his 30 year history as president of Darryl L. Sink & Associates, Inc. A graduate of the Instructional Systems Technology program at Indiana University, he has earned a national reputation in the training field. He shares his expertise on various aspects of instructional and performance technology by publishing original materials and presenting at national conferences. He and the DSA associates have developed over 1,000 training and educational courses, ranging from management and leadership programs, to scientific, technical, manufacturing, and sales training.

Dr. Sink has received the Outstanding Instructional Product of the Year Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) four times. The most recent award was for management courses developed with Learning Tree International using the concept called Reality Plus™. He personally designs, writes, and manages the production of many forms of instructional materials. The instructional products range from operators’ manuals to self-contained comprehensive workshops and courses, and e-learning training projects. He coordinates the efforts of instructional developers and a production staff to produce and subsequently test and revise instructional products. Major clients include IBM, HP, Johnson Controls, Caterpillar, Genentech, Girl Scouts of the USA, Apple Computer, Citigroup, and Learning Tree International.

He has developed outstanding workshops teaching basic, intermediate, and advanced skills of instructional development. Over 10,000 training development professionals have attended his instructional design/development workshops. In-company workshop clients include Disney University, Cisco Systems, HP, Charles Schwab, The Boeing Company, GE Healthcare, IBM, Intel, US Army, US Coast Guard and Kohl’s Department Stores.

Dr. Sink has presented regularly at Training Magazine conferences, for the international conferences of ISPI (International Society of Performance Improvement), for many local ISPI and ATD chapters, and Training’s Live & On Line Certificate programs. He is a contributing author to two editions of the ISPI Handbook of Human Performance Technology, published by Jossey Bass, and ASTD’s Handbook For Workplace Learning Professionals. He is also the recipient of ISPI’s Professional Service Award for his service to the organization.

Dr. Paul Swan

Paul was the lead instructional designer on a Hewlett-Packard project that won the Outstanding Instructional Product/Intervention of the Year Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). He has presented  workshops in many Fortune 100 companies, as well as presenting public and online workshops.

He presented instructional development workshops at (among others) The Boeing Company, HP, Caterpillar, Honda of America, IBM, Merrill Lynch, The Social Security Administration, Learning Tree International, the US Army, the FAA, and the US Coast Guard. He is the Past President of the Utah Chapter of ISPI. Past projects include:

  • Guided the executive management team of a $500 million company throughout their initial strategic planning process.
  • Provided instructional design for new project management courses for one of the largest suppliers of corporate training in the United States.
  • Designed and programmed multi-media software that reduced training time for service technicians and increased the success rate of those taking the course.
  • Designed career development and career coaching training for managers of a large computer manufacturer.
  • Helped to design and present a teamwork and collaboration training program.
  • Designed a distributor sales training kit for a direct sales company that contained a training video, time management tools, and product information and contract management tools. This package was distributed to over 300,000 new distributors.
  • Helped to create and present a Homeland Security program that enabled subject matter experts to design and deliver their own effective training programs to be used nationwide by first responders to bio-terror and nuclear-terror emergencies.
  • Designed and programmed a comprehensive website for a professional employer organization PEO) that included customer service and online sales training programs.
  • Worked with subject matter experts to create a blended learning curriculum for natural gas engine service technicians. This project included over 30 e-learning courses and two five-day instructor-led training labs.

Dr. Tom Welsh

Dr. Tom Welsh has enjoyed an instructional design career that includes employment as a corporate training specialist in two companies, an independent consultant, a Professor in the Department of Communication Design at CSU, Chico, and a Managing Partner developing online university solutions for the hospitality industry. Dr. Welsh has developed instructional products across many industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, retail, semiconductor, telecommunications, waste management, and medical instruments manufacturing. His training solutions span a broad range of content areas and incorporate both traditional and emerging media.

Dr. Welsh’s scholarly and development interests are in the areas of on-line instruction, blended instructional systems, and database-driving content for use in training and performance support. He has publications in the areas of online course development, computer interface design, and innovative uses of technology for education and training. He teaches courses on Interactive Web Animation, Instructional Design for Online Training, Instructional Design Research and Theory, and ID Consulting.