The Course Developer Workshop (Online)


Dr. Paul Swan

What Is It?

The Course Developer Workshop Online will help you develop meaningful courses in less time. Dr. Paul Swan, your facilitator for the lessons, offers detailed feedback to you personally… one-on-one.  The feedback can range from confirming feedback, when the assignments are right on the mark, to corrective feedback  and even consulting where he shows what he would do in that situation.  If you need more feedback, he will ask to schedule telephone calls to discuss the assignments to be sure that you are successful.

Dr.Paul Swan is an excellent facilitator and I would not have been able to complete this certification without his guidance. His objective feedback coupled with encouragement and expert guidance helped me complete this program successfully. His availability on the phone and his quick response with feedback helped me learn from a real-time perspective.

Register for the Course Developer Workshop – Online to get one-on-one guidance and feedback from your expert facilitator, Dr. Paul Swan, as you work through your own project.  In this self-paced, online workshop, you will learn a proven systematic instructional development process for designing, creating, and validating modularized courses and curricula. You will be able to make courses that are practical, competency-based, and interesting.

  • Learn analysis techniques, including needs assessment, to determine meaningful, relevant content for your program tailored specifically to your target audience.
  • Design and develop specific learning objectives to focus your lesson content. Use case studies, roleplays, instructional games, and work sessions to add reality and interest to your modules.
  • Learn to evaluate performance based on learning objectives to improve your program.
  • Test the effectiveness of your training on four different levels of evaluation: satisfaction, learning, behavior, and results.
  • Use checklists to develop an implementation plan that will ease the presentation of your program and maximize your program’s opportunity to make a difference.

Course Map

  • Needs Assessment
  • Adult Learner Analysis
  • Context Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Objectives Specified
  • Criterion-Referenced Testing
  • Effective Instruction
  • Lesson Design
  • Leader Guides
  • Evaluation
  • Short Cuts and Time-Savers
  • Course Development Metrics

Who Should Take This Online Course?

  • Content experts and trainers who have been given the responsibility of developing their own courses
  • Course developers who want a proven strategy for developing effective instructional materials
  • Training managers who want a consistent, standardized method for courses developed in their organization


  • 90-days access to the Course Developer Workshop web site.
  • A personal copy of the Course Developer Workshop binder, a 225-page, step-by-step guide to course development.
  • Lesson feedback from an online facilitator.


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