Congratulations to Monterey County Contracts and Purchasing, which continues its winning ways!

Contracts and Purchasing, which is a division of the CAO’s Office, has been awarded the first "National Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award" (AEP) presented by the National Procurement Institute (NPI). The AEP Award recognizes the County’s ongoing efforts to implement best practices and transform county-wide procurement practices. "This is an award given by our peers, through a very lengthy submission and review process,” explains Contracts and Purchasing Officer Mike Derr. “We have to identify our ability to meet a number of specific goals and accomplishments established by the review committee. It is a very prestigious award, one that identifies our team’s efforts to embrace and implement excellence in the public procurement profession."

Monterey County Wins Award for Project Developed in Collaboration with DSA!

The County of Monterey won a 2015 Achievement Award for its “Contracts & Purchasing Academy”, a multi-faceted change effort involving new standard operating procedures and a blended learning and certification program. The DSA team is proud to have collaborated with Monterey County on the success of this outstanding project. Michael Derr, Contracts/Purchasing Officer & Fleet Business Manager, stated, "We should all be very proud of not just the acknowledgement and the award, but what the Academy itself has accomplished with its internal benefits of having... contract and procurement professionals performing the procurement functions in a more effective and instrumental fashion [and] making Monterey County a leader and innovator..."

Monterey County: Contracts and Purchasing Academy

The DSA Design Team
DSA was contracted to work with the Contracts and Purchasing (C&P) Department of Monterey (CA) County to create a Contracts and Purchasing Academy for those performing C&P job functions in the county’s 27 departments. The academy consists of 7 e-learning modules, 6 half-day instructor-led courses (2 lessons on the Mechanics of Contracts and Purchasing, and 4 on the Art of Contacts and Purchasing), and also Structured On the Job Training with performance-based activities. DSA created Standard Operating Procedures for each of the identified procedures that are the core of the E-learning and the instructor-led training, with practice using the SOPs back on the job. DSA creatively synthesized a very complex topic into an achievable solution, with a comprehensive approach to meeting identified needs of a decentralized (27 departments) organizational function. The Academy premier took place in early September and will run continuously through May of 2015 and then quarterly thereafter. Give Darryl a call at (831) 649-8384 to hear the great story about the process and team DSA used to create this Academy in an extremely tight timeframe.