The Task Analysis Workshop (1.5 days)

What Is It?

One of the very first steps in developing an educational or training program is to analyze the nature of the actual tasks involved. Some tasks, of course, are purely academic or intellectual in nature; others are primarily concerned with physical skills. However, regardless of the nature of the task, it is necessary to determine the ingredients and the characteristics of the topic or job that the trainee has to learn. It is only when these precise characteristics are known that the training need (gap) can be established, and the learning objectives written.  Each participant receives a personal copy of the 103–page The Task Analysis Workshop binder which thoroughly documents each topic for future reference.

Specific Objectives

  • Distinguish between four types of task analysis: hierarchical (topic) analysis, job task analysis, procedural task analysis, and concept analysis.
  • Identify the main sources of information for a task analysis and describe how the four task analyses are written.
  • Using the appropriate format, carry out a hierarchical task analysis for a cognitive task.
  • Using a model for concept analysis, perform a concept analysis.
  • Identify how a task analysis can help you determine key (terminal) and enabling objectives, chunk your instruction, sequence instruction, and identify where to evaluate the learner’s performance.
  • Given a procedural task, complete a procedural task analysis by creating a flow chart.
  • Demonstrate how to turn your task analysis into learning objectives on your own project.
  • Summarize the uses of task analysis.

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