ISPI Sessions

Don’t miss Dr. Darryl Sink at the following ISPI International Conference events!

Subject Matter Experts: Don’t Just Say, “Now Spill the Beans”

  • Monday, April 11 from 10:15-11:15 am.

One key success factor in HPT projects is access to and commitment of subject-matter experts (SMEs). They are needed in front-end analysis to help interpret performance data that has been collected and to help select optimal solutions. SME’s input is essential, too, for the design and development of most HPT solutions. They provide most of the relevant content. Join Darryl for this presentation to explore several ideas and processes on how to obtain complete and accurate input from SMEs.

Chat ‘n Chew session: Estimated ROI: Build A Better Business Case for HPT Initiatives

  • Tuesday, April 12 from 1:00-2:30 pm.

Decision-makers want to know what the return will be before they invest in HPT initiatives. It is not enough to align initiatives with the needs, goals or mission of an organization. Today there is competition from other groups for the same monies. To make your business case you must provide an estimated ROI because others groups competing for the same funds will. This session provides checklists and a tool for producing an estimated ROI.

The Chat ‘n Chew format is a new twist on an old favorite (Cracker Barrel Sessions). The Chat ‘n Chew will be held during the lunch hour on Tuesday.

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