DSA Wins ISPI Award of Excellence


Award recipients: Darryl Sink (DSA), Kendall Laine (Learning Tree), Thiagi, Peter Honebein, Clare Carey

DSA has been awarded the Award of Excellence from The International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) three times for outstanding projects with clients.

Most recently, Learning Tree International and Darryl Sink & Associates teamed up to design and develop a new learning experience that enhanced Learning Tree’s renowned course quality. The result is RealityPlus™, where participants are immersed in simulated real-world scenarios where they learn and practice new knowledge and skills hands-on in a dynamic, media-rich environment.

Authenticity is the key to this new approach. Video-based scenarios simulate real-life interpersonal interaction, where the learner makes decisions and takes action based on information that is presented just as encountered on the job. Evaluation Levels I, II, and III showed this approach to significantly increase participant satisfaction and on-the-job results.

View the white paper for this award-winning project.