When Content Exists Use Resource Management Modules

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Today, content abounds. Books, the Internet, in-house and commercial training programs on every subject are readily available. So — why not use that content instead of reinventing it?

If this seems to be a reasonable proposition then the next question is how to organize the available content and provide the other key elements of effective instruction to assure that learning has occurred. How about using Resource Management Modules?

Resource Management Modules are modules that provide learners a way to focus and manage learning with existing content. The format is straight forward, consisting of 6 elements:

  1. A Title that is descriptive and appealing
  2. An Introduction to provide context and rationale (see DSA’s Tip Introducing – Introductions)
  3. The Objectives to provide the learner a target and direction
  4. Existing Learning Materials (the content)
  5. Engaging Learning Activities to reinforce and provide Practice
  6. An Evaluation to assess which learners accomplished which learning objectives

Resource Management Modules can be used for self instruction, instructor led training and structured on-the-job training.

Resource Management Modules have three major benefits:

  1. They allow you to use existing learning materials, activities, and content.
  2. They allow you to transfer much of the responsibility for learning to you adult learner.
  3. They provide an easy fast way to communicate instructions to your learners.

Variations on the theme of using existing content and materials include:

Creating a part of the content that may be missing and adding that to the module perhaps in an appendix. This might include job aids and examples. You can also treat this type of development as part of a convergent system (continuous improvement) adding more of your own content in subsequent revisions continually focusing the module to the learners needs.

You may have tried something like this before. Maybe it is time to revisit this strategy the next time some one needs a training program really fast.

See you next time,