They Learn It On Their Own with "Stumper"

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Ever have a task or topic that you feel people could learn on their own it they would just study some existing materials and maybe collaborate with others?

I ran in to this situation when we created a workshop on how to use DSA’s CourseWriter 2.5™ software.

The software is user-friendly and has very well written user documentation. The challenge is to get them to use the software and realize the user documentation will answer their questions and walk them through any specific task they need to perform. The context for the workshop is one half day.

Module one is very short (15 minutes) and simply describes what CourseWriter™ is and what it is not.

Module two gets the participants into a game I called “Stumper”, a Game Frame based on Thiagi’s Open Book Game Frame. The module is called Maneuvering Through CourseWriter™. With the software installed, and the user guide in-hand, the participants have 10 minutes to study the manual and/or play around with the software and then - the Stumping begins. See below for the complete directions:

Stumper Directions


Individually take 10 minutes to study the manual and play with the interface.

Group Study

Take 15 minutes to study the manual and play with the interface. Come up with five questions to stump the other groups.

Play of the Game

Team A asks a question of an individual in Team B. If the individual chooses to answer it himself or herself and it is correct, then Team B gets two points. If the individual decides to consult with others in the team and then answers correctly, Team B gets one point. If the answer is incorrect or not given at all, Team A gets two points for stumping Team B.

Then, Team B asks a question of Team C and follows the same procedure as above, Team C asks Team D, and finally, Team D asks Team A.

This approach has several benefits to participants:

Uses of the Stumper Game Frame

If you are introducing something new that participants can learn mostly individually or collaboratively, give Stumper a try. Have fun with this one!

See you next time,