At DSA, we don’t just teach the processes of innovative instructional design,
we actually do it, day in and day out.

Training Development Services

Instructional Design Capabilities

DSA designer facilitating SMEs

When you have a project that must be completed in record time or that requires specialized skills, DSA’s project teams can provide a dedicated resource, a fresh perspective, a broad base of experience, and an innovative approach to your project.

Darryl L. Sink & Associates, Inc. is a full service instructional development company specializing in developing training solutions tied to business problems or opportunities. DSA is expert in helping you select an optimal delivery system, then forming a team with the specializations necessary to develop training programs utilizing that delivery system.

DSA delivers the results you want because of our high-level instructional design capabilities, our extensive project management experience, and a devotion to exceeding customer service expectations.

10 great reasons to let DSA develop your training

  1. DSA uses a systematic approach focused on business results.
  2. Our development teams are tailored to your specialized project.
  3. DSA has an award-winning track record with over 800 projects completed.
  4. Our team delivers on time and within budget while maintaining positive client relations.
  5. DSA can respond quickly to start a project.
  6. Customer service and responsiveness is our keystone.
  7. DSA completes complex projects in record time.
  8. We teach the process, allowing us to clearly articulate needs and processes to the project team.
  9. We are a full-service company from needs assessment, to media production, to implementation.
  10. We practice a value-added approach through creative instructional designs.

DSA’s Expertise

Delivery Systems
  • Networked E-Learning
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • CD-ROM and DVD-Based Training
  • Structured On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  • Print–Based Self-Instructional Training
  • Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

Custom Project Experience
  • Sales Training
  • Financial Analyst Training
  • Manufacturing Process Training
  • Finance for Managers Training
  • Product Life Cycle Training
  • Database Software Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Order Fullfillment/Management Training
  • Training as a Result of Re–engineering
  • Software Systems Training
  • Procedures for Technical Support
  • Customer Service Training

Partial List of Clients

  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Bechtel Corporation
  • The Boeing Company
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Citibank
  • Genentech
  • HP
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Learning Tree International
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
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