At DSA, we don’t just teach the processes of innovative instructional design,
we actually do it, day in and day out.

Our Instructional Design Process

1An intensive consultation is conducted with the intent to determine and to analyze the instructional need, and to establish goals related to that need, once it has been identified.

2Upon generating a list of instructional topics and/or tasks, those items on the list with the highest priority are identified. Those topics that are unrelated to the goals of the instruction, or are merely nice-to-know, are eliminated.

3Given the business goals for instruction, the nature of the content, and an analysis of the intended audience, the most appropriate format(s) for instructional materials are identified.

4Meaningful, measurable objectives for each instructional topic/task are generated, and a review of existing materials will be conducted to expedite the development process and avoid reinventing anything that already exists.

5A design document will then be created. This design document will allow for the coordinated development often required to meet demanding timelines. It will contain the terminal or key objective for each module.

6The deliverable materials will be simultaneously developed by DSA instructional designers — all the writing for the materials, development of practice and other activities, and the actual lesson designs will be created.

7A formative evaluation will be conducted, that is, an evaluation for the purpose of improving courses before they are produced in final form. This part of the process is essential to any good system of instructional design and occurs throughout the different phases of a project.

8The final materials for the pilot field test will be prepared by DSA. For instructor-led training, these include the instructor’s guide, participant’s guide, and slides. For e-learning it includes the fully functional on-line lessons and modules.

9All materials are revised as required based on the pilot field test and final production of masters prepared for reproduction.

10DSA will assist in the creation of an implementation strategy for the course, and will deliver the masters in both electronic and written form.