The Criterion-Referenced Testing Workshop (2 days)

What Is It?

In response to growing demand for measurement of training results from clients, training managers and instructional designers, DSA has developed this two-day workshop that combines theory and application in order to equip trainers, instructional designers, and managers to measure results. Participants learn to measure training outcomes quickly and reliably.

This workshop explores techniques for writing good test measures of all types, including: True-False, Multiple Choice, Checklists, Matching, Shorts Answers, and Essays. A hallmark of DSA training is our emphasis on application. During this workshop, participants design a testing plan for instruction tailored to meet the requirements of their own work environment. They work on projects of their own choosing: revision of testing methods in an existing curriculum, testing plans for courses under current development, or preparation for testing in a planned/future curriculum. Testing plan development employs criterion-referenced testing principles to match course learning objectives with the most appropriate types of testing procedures.

Using a Test Planning Matrix, participants design a testing plan that evaluates each of their learning objectives. Plans are written so objectives and criterion-referenced test measures match, objectives express the appropriate level within the learning domain, and the criterion-referenced measures evaluate the knowledge, skills, or attitudes learners are required to master and use on-the-job.

Each participant receives a personal copy of the Criterion-Referenced Testing Workshop binder, a step-by-step guide to criterion-referenced test development.

Course Topics

  • The role of CRT in course development
  • Writing Criterion-Referenced Test Items
  • Writing Criterion-Referenced Checklists
  • Writing Tests at the Correct Level
  • Measuring Attitudes Using Criterion-Referenced Techniques
  • Developing a Criterion-Referenced Testing Plan

Who Should Attend?

  • Content experts and trainers who have been given responsibility for developing tests, course evaluations, and/or certification programs.
  • Course Developers who want a proven strategy for testing instruction.
  • Managers who want a consistent method for gauging the results of their organization’s training programs

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