Advanced ID: An Eclectic Approach (2 days)

What Is It?

pngMost of us can agree that most training and educational programs need more (sometimes much more) participant involvement and engagement. Why? Because we care about transfer of training to the workplace. Advanced instructional design approaches and techniques can help. This workshop provides an eclectic approach to ENHANCING instructional design skills.

The goal is for you to be able to better design or redesign an instructional program to include more engaging, involving and authentic learning activities, using advanced instructional design approaches, learning theories, and techniques.

The Learning Experience – What will it be like?

  • Experience “the how to” for integrating different learning theories (i.e. Behavioral, cognitive, social, and constructivist) into systematic instructional design and development models.
  • Explore a variety of advanced instructional design strategies and techniques to create eclectic approaches to designing engaging, results-driven, and appealing training programs.
  • You will be given examples of courses designed with eclectic approaches as models to redesign or design a course of your own applying a variety of appropriate instructional strategies and techniques.
  • You will experience how to create and use case studies for problem solving, simulations for process learning, role-plays for interpersonal skills, and instructional game-like activities for reinforcement, motivation, and engagement.
  • Use existing structures (frames) for activities to speed up the development and implementation of advanced instructional design techniques and activities.

Bring an existing course or a new course that has good content identified. We will help you select and create dynamic learning activities that will turn it from a course with just good content into a great learning experience.

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