At DSA, we don’t just teach the processes of innovative instructional design,
we actually do it, day in and day out.

Workshops That Meet Your Needs

Bring our expert presenters on-site with a workshop from DSA. Click on any workshop title for details. Call or E-mail Jane Sink to help you decide which workshops are right for your group.

The Instructional Developer Workshop (3 days)

This is an all inclusive program that moves the learner through the basics and the more advanced techniques for applying instructional development in a comprehensive, three-day, results-oriented learning experience.

The Course Developer Workshop (2 days)

Also offered online!In this basic two-day workshop, you will learn a proven systematic instructional development process for designing, creating, and validating modularized courses and curricula. You will be able to make courses that are practical, competency-based, and interesting.

The Criterion-Referenced Testing Workshop (2 days)

This workshop combines theory and application in order to equip trainers, instructional designers, and managers with the tools and skills they need to build training tests that accurately measure results.

The Needs Assessment/Analysis Workshop (1.5 days)

This workshop provides the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to select an optimal needs assessment/analysis strategy and to use necessary associated tools to carry out each strategy. It uses a case study approach in which participants develop a plan for their own projects.

The Instructional Design Workshop (1 day)

In this workshop, you will come away with specific instructional design tools and techniques that you can use right away back on the job. This workshop is meant for new course developers, instructional designers, and other training professionals new to instructional design.

The Task Analysis Workshop (1.5 days)

This workshop focuses on one of the very first steps in developing procedural training, that is, to analyze the nature of the actual job tasks involved in performance.  Only when the job tasks are detailed can the training need/gap be identified and learning objectives written.

Advanced Instructional Design: An Eclectic Approach

This workshop provides an eclectic approach to ENHANCING instructional design skills. It is presented by both Dr. Darryl Sink & Dr. Peter Honebein.