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September, 2010

Today's Tip: Looking For A Webinar & Virtual Classroom Development Process?

visualDSA has helped our clients to design and develop many webinar and Virtual Classroom (VC) courses and presentations for worldwide audiences.

Working in conjunction with the client's subject matter experts (SMEs), we have strived to follow solid ISD principles while working within these dynamic learning environments. Below is the 10-step process we follow when designing and developing webinar/VC programs. I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Defining session goals and objective(s) of each  webinar /VC in terms of realistic learning outcomes correlated to the business needs and the task analysis results.
  2. Creating performance-based skill-building  webinar /VC sessions rather than topic-based lectures.
  3. Writing an abbreviated design document for each  webinar /VC.
  4. Working with SMEs to design, structure, and develop interactive illustrated webinar/VC presentations.
  5. Incorporating cognitive activities that engage the learner and minimize passive learner behavior and authentic activities to increase transfer.
  6. Refining the slide set to maximize learning.
  7. Writing detailed speaker notes/outline to accompany slide presentations (incorporate Q&A information and other interactions).
  8. Conducting learner validation and SME review to revise and refine the materials as needed before launch.
  9. Rehearsing the webinar/VC and providing coaching prior to live presentation including practice with the technology for the presentation.
  10. Attending each webinar /VC to record student questions and responses and to collect ideas for improving each subsequent presentation.

As always, where we can, we follow up to see what impact the program had on the business needs. For tips on many other areas of learning and performance design and development, check out our tip archives at the new DSA web site,

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